Vertaalbureau Keukelaar is a Dutch translation agency that offers translations in and out of English, French and German. We can translate technical, legal, financial, economic and commercial texts for you. We also offer certified translations in and out of English.

The driving force of Vertaalbureau Keukelaar is Nellie Keukelaar. Nellie is a very experienced translator. She has read English language and literature at Leiden University. In 1995 she started her own translation agency. Nellie translates a wide variety of texts in and out of English, like websites, contracts, manuals, software and advertising texts. Nellie is a certified translator and therefore also offers certified translations of legal documents, documents from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, emigration documents, diplomas and certificates. Nellie also translates books for various publishing companies.

Our services include translations, certified translations and text correcting. Do you want to know what Vertaalbureau Keukelaar can do for you? Please send us an email for an offer without engagement.


Vertaalbureau Keukelaar

Van Tuijllaan 50

5481 RB  Schijndel

The Netherlands

Phone:                + 0031 73 5480520

Fax:                    + 0031 73 5495408

e-mail:                 info@vertaalbureaukeukelaar.nl

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